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Football Romance Bundle

Football Romance Bundle

★★★★★ "This book!!! It grabbed me right by the heart in the first couple paragraphs!" ★★★★★

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Own this Football Romance Bundle by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, E. M. Moore. Each book comes SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR in your choice of softcover or hardcover!

Find out why people are saying, "One of the best series I have ever read!!" and add these beautiful editions to your bookshelf!

Bundle Info

Bundle contains 4 full-length football romance books.

Reading Order:

♡ Free Fall

♡ Catch Me

♡ The Comeback Pact

♡ The Midseason Fakeout

Free Fall & Catch Me are a complete duet in the Spring Hill Blues series. The Comeback Pact and The Midseason Fakeout are interconnected standalones in a spinoff series to Spring Hill Blues.

About Spring Hill Blues

My brother’s best friend thinks he owns me…

Mr. All-Star Quarterback won’t let me heal in peace. His perfectly chiseled features are always there, suffocating me, refusing to let me wallow in my own misery.

Reid is the epitome of “hard-headed jock”…and he has his sights set on me.

If he wasn’t so stubborn…

If he wasn’t so captivatingly handsome…

Maybe then I’d be able to keep my defenses up.

Will these new feelings taint my brother’s memory? Will we cross a line that will ruin everything?


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Spring Hill Blues Duet

"My favorite book of all-time!!"


With their worlds turned upside down, they grieve in vastly different ways, but her brother's best friend refuses to leave her behind.

Her streak of self-sabotage ends now--and he's just the guy to do it. As quarterback, Reid is used to calling the plays, but this one ends in a way he never saw coming. True love.

🏈Sports Romance

🏈Brother's Best Friend


The Comeback Pact

"They just keep getting better!!

He turned her into a freak…and now he wants her for himself.

West may be the MVP on the field, but getting the girl he
scarred to forgive him for the hell he’s put her through is impossible. So impossible he’s had to resort to other means...and if she ever found out, she’d just add it to the list of the ways he ruined her life.

She wants revenge…and he wants her.

🏈Sports Romance

🏈Bet/ Pact Trope


The Midseason Fakeout

"Five stars? Nope! I'm giving it ten!"

To everyone else, Bailey lives the life of a spoiled princess. To her, it's a gilded cage, and all she wants is to escape.

Fake dating her brother's best friend (and star quarterback), might be her ticket to freedom...but that pesky little unrequited crush she's been harboring for Aidan for years could ruin everything--especially when the lines between their phony relationship and reality blur into something beautiful.

Find out why these two have the crowd chanting, "Baidan! Baidan!"

🏈Sports Romance

🏈Brother's Best Friend

🏈Fake Dating

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I could not put this book down!! I can't wait to read the next book to see what happens!!! ??

Bre J.

This is a slow (ish) burn that I wish was an RH, but is a M/F. Its brutal with the emotions the characters are going through, that life goes on after tragedy, and still having to survive high school madness. Does leave on a cliffhanger, has steamy scenes, and the cliche hateful female antagonist.

Jillian Pruiett Locke
omg sooo good!

I found this book by chance and I am so glad that I did! It was such an amazing enemies to lovers romance that I didnt know I needed until I got sucked into it from the very beginning. You can help but love and hate the characters and then love them more. The storyline is on point and sad and addicting. Highly recommend and cant wait to dive into the next book!!

LM Pichner
Great read

Wow! This was a great read. I laughed, cried and damn do I want to kick a certain persons butt. This is heartbreaking in so many ways but so worth the read. I hate cliffhangers but I can't wait to read the next one. I highly recommend this book.

oh wow.

I could really connect with the character o felt her anger, frustration and pain. Im not a big fan or Reids at all I was voting for Lex the whole time and Sasha needs to be slapped. All in all its a good story and Im excited for the next book.